С каждым днём вы становитесь лучше

Every day makes you better

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Swedish Royal wedding Superlive

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I couldn´t watch this, but my mom and I watched the entire thing on TV. Did you get to see it?

Victoria was absolutely stunning! So beautiful. And that dress! Wow!

Right now, they are showing the bride and groom and all the guests having dinner. The wedding cake is 7 meters tall! Can you imagine?!

Yes, I got a chance to watch the wedding through on-line aftonbladet TV. I wish I could understand Swedish. The wedding is absolutely Royal. Victoria and Daniel is a beautiful couple. They fit each other and look really happy.
Victoria's wedding dress is plain but gourgeous, classical style.
And Carl-Pilip...he so good-looking in his uniform.
Victoria, Daniel, the wedding and the whole Royal family is very impressive.

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