С каждым днём вы становитесь лучше

Every day makes you better

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Приглашение на Королевскую свадьбу

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This wedding is really going to cost a WHOLE lot of money for the Swedish people. They are restoring the church-Storkyrkan-for about 14 million Swedish kronor!

Did you hear that Princess Madeleine and Jonas is not going to get married this year? Apparently, they have been having problems for a while and now it seems like there might not be a wedding at all.

How have you been, Yuliya? It´s been a long time. Busy with school?

You know what I am thinking about. I should make wishes correct. Last year when I found out about Swedish Royal wedding I made a wish to get an invitation to the wedding.
I've never ever checked aftonbladet web-site. Why? I do not understand Swedish. But yesterday looking for some economic article at our uni professor's web-site, I found a link to aftonbladet there. Instead of that article by the way.
So I checked it just becuase of curiousity and found the invitation. So nominally I've got the invitation to the Swedish Royal wedding. But I definatele meant absolutley different making a wish. I meant real one!! Oh, Life!!

No, I did not hear about Princess Madelene and Jonas' break up.

Oh, I´m sure you would like a REAL invitation to the Royal wedding! I wish I could help you with that, but I don´t know anyone important.

Maybe you could take a trip to Stockholm on June 19th and then maybe you could catch a glimpse of Prince Carl Filip?

Yes, it seems as the wedding between Princess Madeleine and Jonas is off. Too bad, because they have been together for many years and seem to fit.

Just only glimpse of Prince Carl Filip? I know it's carzy wishes to get the invitation and Carlusha but I want it all. I must be crazy!!!

So, MANY glimpses of Prince carl Filip then! lol! Maybe a touch or two...? That would be quite nice, huh?

No, it´s not crazy to dream about getting an invitation, Yuliya. We never know what might happen in life. I honestly wish i could help you. I mean it.

Okay, I´m not too sure about Carlusha, but I´m guessing it´s a Russian term of endearment when talking about a person. In this case Carl Filip...?

NO! Don´t say that! Dreams are important. You never know.

Yes, Carlusha is Russian style tender name for Carl.
Dreams are important. But probably not for me. I spend too much time dreaming. I'd better learn properly how to stick the goals.
Anyway thank you, Maria. You seem to believe in me.

Oh, you can still dream even though you might have certain goals in life. Things happen to people when you least expect them to!

Of course I believe in you, Yuliya! You´re a very nice person.

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